We have revamped our e-zine and are now accepting submissions of original poetry, short prose, and photography for our very first issue! We are open to all styles of sincerity, looking to create a dynamic and give exposure to writers and photographers with an edge, a message from space, an overdose of coffee. We like words with momentum, lines which pack a subtle punch, images that deliver, verses that hush the mind and make the senses bloom.

To submit, please send up to three poems, short prose pieces, or photographs as attachments to with “Submission” in the subject line. In the email please also include a short bio and links to your blog or website. We will notify you within two weeks if we want to publish your work in the upcoming issue. We’re still working on technicalities and other things, so we haven’t yet established a set reading period or frequency of issues; bear with us as we get things into gear!

Other Plum Stuff:

We welcome simultaneous submissions and previously published work, so long as you let us know where it was published. We reserve one-time, non-exclusive rights to your work, and the right to use your work in future editions (let’s see where this goes!). You’re also welcome to send your work elsewhere, but it’d be great if you could give a 3-month grace period before you do.

Cheers and happy submitting!


Artwork by William Sydney Mount: “Plums”

One Comment to “Submissions”

  1. You made the mistake of ‘liking’ one of my pieces. Now prepare yourself for a submission. But how did you know I have a chinchilla? I actually do have one. Hilarious.

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