April 2, 2013

Finally, it’s here! Our very first issue

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first issue of The Plum Plum, ready for the start of spring. If you click on the cover photo, you’ll be taken to the Issuu page where you can get the full reading experience across your entire screen with “Click to Read.” We’ll soon be putting all of the poems and artwork from the issue onto this website, linked to each contributor’s name, so that readers can access the works in our own cozy space on the web. Thanks for all your patience and collaboration, and enjoy. 


January 19, 2013

We’re almost there!


Dear Plum Plummers,

Hope everyone has had a marvelous time nut-gathering and burrowing over the holidays like proper happy creatures and presently savoring the fresh beginnings of a spanking new year. We at The Plum Plum are back to the grind and working hard on delivering its very first issue, so please stay tuned! It will be ready for picking in the next couple of weeks, and as editor of this exciting new venture, I’d like to warmly thank everyone for keeping up with our developments.

Fruitfully Yours,











December 12, 2012

Revving Up for Our First Issue!

‘Tis the season of fruitful endeavors, and here at The Plum Plum, I’m excited to announce that our reading period is finally over and that we’re ready to start churning out our very first issue. We’ve got a great mix of artists, poets, and visionaries alike who have contributed, and I would like to thank everyone for their support. As we figure things out and collect more readers and contributors, I hope The Plum Plum will grow bright and tall from its current sapling state and connect even more inspired and inspiring folk in this green little garden of ours. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the upcoming issue, which should come out within the next month or two (after this whole Christmas business is over.) Until then, happy holidays to all and stay warm and fuzzy.

September 13, 2012

The Plum Plum Revamped and Open for Submissions

Dear Plum Plum Followers:

I’m glad to say that we’ve finally replanted The Plum Plum after some long months of wayward neglect. As editor I’d like to thank all who have contributed their work to the project since last summer; we already have an inspiring collection of poems, prose pieces, and photos in our archives. We really believe in keeping this project going and even dream of expanding it, so we’ve decided to launch our very first issue for fall/winter of 2012.

Our mission is the same: creating a small yet cozy space (an orchard, if you will) on the web where the impelling work of writers and photographers can be presented in an attractive, sense-provoking manner and appreciated by the public.  As submissions on a rolling basis can be rather exhaustive and fruitless, we’ve decided instead to thoughtfully collect seeds during a reading period in order to offer full-grown and organic issues. We haven’t decided yet on all the nitty gritty details, as we’d like to see how this goes and how many submissions we receive within a certain time period.  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, let us know by shooting us an email. All that said, I encourage you all to check out the submission guidelines and submit away!


The Editors at The Plum Plum



December 27, 2011

The Automaton

Brian Looney

Value and conviction, the same old tired squabble.
And your beak.
It pecks without provocation.

Waddle off, little pigeon, noble in the mirror.
I wanna stomp your spine.

Your steady hand, I wouldn’t want it for the world. You’ve never felt it quiver, but that doesn’t make you strong. You’re just too fixed to think, fixed by queen and country.

I note your bold naivety. Your brassy little brain just loves to blare, but one solid blast would send it reeling.

And on your side, legs pacing, fixed march, is the automatic in you.

It’s all so automatic.

Brian Looney was born 12/2/85, lives in Albuquerque, NM, and has a BA in English.  He isn’t new to writing, but is new to publishing. In his words: “I wrote in the dark for a very long time, doing it for myself and no one else.  That was a bad time for me,  fraught with chronic alcoholism and drug abuse.  But I’m clean now and obsessed with getting my voice out there.  I work in a restaurant to pay the bills, and I make love to the written word in my spare time.  It’s the only thing that keeps me sane, relatively.”  Check out his blog, reclusewritings, as well as his publications in Cynic Magazine and Scars Publications.  

December 22, 2011

Photo by: Maggie Lee


December 7, 2011

No Need For Memory

Jeremiah Walton

Put your head in the clouds
The view is safer there
I won’t want your eyes corrupted
By the eulogies that keep us scared
Praising beings you will never need to contemplate
Fueling riots in which you will never celebrate
Watch condensation reckon white gray
In requiem of nothing you need to remember
A tale for your ears only
Told through radio waves
That barely are producing static
At least none you will ever hear
Being there is better for you
Without temptation because of craving and desire
Rooted out of ignorance
You stay
Where being there is better for you

Jeremiah Walton is 16 years old and lives in New England.  He writes poetry and prose and also enjoys skateboarding.  He is publishing a collection of poetry titled Nostrovia!.  He also has a free ebook poetry collection out titled To Your Health: Humanities Diagnosis.  He manages Nostrovia! Poetry, a website dedicated to poets and writers.

December 1, 2011

Photo by Emily Meenan

Emily Meenan is an eighteen-year-old college student who thoroughly enjoys taking her Nikon D5000 out and about with her and seeing what kind of pictures she can turn out. 

November 22, 2011

crowned prince of zoloft

Allie Marini

you are in the bottle, warrior.
the promise to fix my wrecked neurotransmitters scored into your
exploits. I am terrified of you, of being repaired.
Siegfried demands a fee before slaying the dragon;
I already know how to feed the beast without killing the village to do it.

draw your blade:  slow the dragon, transform it into a lazy anole, or kill it.
bathe in its blood; beware the leaves of the linden tree.
you are never as invulnerable as you think, swordsmith.
we carry javelins to kill wild things; we use daggers to commit perfidious murders.
marry the bitches but don’t turn your back on them.

there you stay. full many a wonder is told in your bottle.
heroes and hardships wail and weep in the Icelandic vales of dysthymia.
your widow  will have her revenge but she is halved by the knife to take it.
anoles dream of the day they will rise up and again breathe fire,
their collective unconscious a roiling pit of the days when they were kings.

Allie Marini first started kicking ass in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She is a 2001 alumna of New College of Florida, which means she can explain deconstructionism, but cannot perform simple math. Her work has appeared in numerous publications her parents have never heard of, including Goulash! (1996), Pan’ Ku (1999), New CollAge (2001), Scratch (2008), Penumbra (2009), Crash(2010), Shaking Like A Mountain (2010),  Multi-Culti Mixerations (2010), A Daughter’s Story Anthology, (2010), Eyrie, (2010) Interrobang?! (2010), Blast Furnace (2011), Jet Fuel Review(2011), Conclave: A Journal of Character (2011) and Sole Literary Journal (2011). She has lived in Maine, Washington State and all over Florida, but has called Tallahassee home for the past decade. Allie is a research writer and part-time hairdresser when she’s not playing with her make-believe friends. She is pursuing her MFA degree through Antioch University and is curious to see what’s behind door #2. 

November 15, 2011

Photo by Matthew Dodd

Forward-thinking photographer Matthew Dodd creates work that he hopes can blend the line between fashion and art. Currently photographing in his Philadelphia studio, he is working towards building a group of images to be shown as a whole, different from his earlier work shown here. To see more of his work, check out his website.  


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